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Joey Doves’ Description

BY J.P. RICH Off The Cuff/

Joey AiuppaHere is the physical description of the Outfit’s former top boss, Joseph “Joey Doves” Aiuppa, who served in that capacity from the early 1970s until he was sent to federal prison in 1986 for skimming Las Vegas casinos.

This physical description is from the background report in his FBI file for the year 1960.


NAME - Joseph John Aiuppa

ALIASES - Joey Aiuppa, Joey Aiuppi, Joey O’Brien, J. Brein

RACE - White

SEX - Male

DATE OF BIRTH - December 1, 1907

PLACE OF BIRTH - Melrose Park, Illinois

HEIGHT - 5’5½”

WEIGHT - 180 pounds

BUILD - Stocky

HAIR - Brown, graying, bald on top

EYES - Brown, wears glasses


SCARS & MARKS - 3” scar right side of jaw; ½” V cut scar right ear lobe; operation scar - abdomen


RESIDENCE - 4 Yorkshire Drive, Elmhurst, Illinois

There is another interesting note detailed in his FBI file in the same background report.

An informant claimed Aiuppa supplied guns to the John Dillinger gang. The informant also claimed Aiuppa helped bury Dillinger gang member John “Red” Hamilton in the vicinity of Aurora, Illinois, after he was mortally wounded by FBI agents during a 1934 shootout.

As Depression Era outlaw history buffs well know, federal agents dug up Red Hamilton’s lye-covered body in a three-foot-deep grave near Oswego, Illinois, more than a year later.

The village of Oswego is located a few miles southeast of Aurora.

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At February 27, 2016 at 8:34 AM , Anonymous Jenkslaw said...

His license plate number was 711-711. Great plate for a gambler.


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